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Chicago Hope

Everybody's Special at Chicago Hope

everybody's special at chicago hope
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This is a fan com for the TV show Chicago Hope, which ran from 1994 to 2000 on CBS and now reruns on the Discovery Health Channel (in the USA). We're not the only com any more, but we were at one point and you know it. We also have...


1) Anything pornographic or innappropriate or whatever, behind a cut.

2) Anything big behind a cut. Use common sense.

3) Be nice. Be polite. Or if politeness scares you, go here. They actually have members that post and stuff, too.

4) Tag your entries: fanfic, episode discussion, icons, etc.

5) Don't ask me when the DVDs are coming out. I don't know either.

<3 your mod, crushedmidnight.